We introduce ourselves

We introduce ourselves

Our Philosophy
for the village community

  • We respect each other
  • We value each other's work
  • We are honest with each other and open to criticism
  • We have confidence because we can rely on each other
  • We do our work with enthusiasm
  • We are open to new things and respect what has been tried and tested

You can't move much alone - achieve a lot together.

Vanessa Flath
Deputy director

Aneta Antonucci
Head of vitalOase

Aneta Antonucci

Daria Bauer

Daria Bauer, housekeeper

Thomas Huttmann

Thomas Huettmann


The Seehotel Niedernberg
20 years Seehotel

Source: Main Echo, 18.09.2020

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The Seehotel Niedernberg
The good life is so close ...

Source: Main Echo, 05.2019

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Hotel experience close to the water
The Seehotel Niedernberg in Lower Franconia lives during the week from conferences and tailor-made events for business guests. At the weekend, short breaks ...

Source: www.ahgz.de, December 09.12.2017th, XNUMX

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Menschen im Hotel

She likes to be a host
Karina Kull, deputy director in the village on the lake - Seehotel Niedernberg.

Niedernberg. Karina Kull felt early on that dealing with people and working in service would give her pleasure. The desire to work in the hotel industry was deeply rooted in her as a child, but at the latest as a teenager ...

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Source: AHGZ September 2017


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