Happy wellness

"Happy wellness"

Our guide

We wish you a relaxing time in our wellness area and ask you to follow this little guide.
Our villagers are always at your side for all concerns and requests.


We ask you to take a shower before using the saunas, after each sauna session and before using the pool. Textiles are mandatory outside the saunas.

Loungers and seats

Towels must be used as a base for all lying and seating options. Please make sure that if you do not use a couch or seat for a long time, clear it.

Food and Drink

It is not permitted to consume food and beverages that you have brought with you (apart from vital refreshments).

Rest and relaxation

... must be preserved in the entire wellness area. Please be quiet and also make sure that your children only enter the wellness area under supervision.


Please use a locker for all of your personal items. You are welcome to leave jewelry or valuables at the hotel reception. We do not accept any liability for the cloakroom in the locker rooms.

Reservation & cancellation

We ask you to note that spontaneous appointments are not always possible. Some applications cannot be booked daily! Find your favorite treatments in peace and quiet at home and arrange your preferred appointment before you arrive. If you cannot keep an appointment, we ask you to inform us immediately. If you cancel the day before or on the day of the treatment, we have to charge the full price of the application if we cannot reassign the appointment! We reserve the right to make changes due to corona.

Important information about your application

When booking an application in the vitalOase from a treatment value of €149 or when booking a ritual, the use of the wellness area from Monday to Thursday is included. Please report to the spa reception 5 minutes before the start of the treatment. Please inform us about illnesses, medications and pregnancy before use! We reserve the right to make changes due to corona.

wellness bag

Please note that we will provide you with a wellness bag with 1 bathrobe, 3 towels and hotel slippers against a deposit. This deposit is booked "virtually" and canceled again at the reception upon return of all items upon check-out.

If you, as a day guest, require additional towels or a change of bathrobe, you will be charged a cleaning fee per item.


Current prices can be found on our website or by telephone on +49 6028 999 1100.



We are looking forward to your contact!

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