San Vino

San Vino

The power of the vineyards


San Vino is an authentic spa and care concept made from the best of the grape.

Experience SanVino wine wellness in our lakeside village according to ancient tradition and modern science.

The active ingredients from grapes, red wine and grape seed oil were already used by doctors and in medicine in ancient times.

Based on this ancient knowledge and taking into account today's modern application technology, special treatments have been put together especially for you.

Enjoy it!

Facial treatment “the best of the bunch”


A welcome ritual with an energetic head massage, cleansing, peeling, eyebrow correction, facial massage, pack

New vitality for your skin – completely natural!

Treatment time: 45 minutes                                                                                       65,- €


Facial ritual “Gift of Nature”

The pampering experience with the finest SanVino raw materials from nature.

A foot bath, foot pack with shea butter, an energetic head and neck massage, intensive facial treatment with cleansing, eyebrow correction and grape seed modeling will naturally smooth your facial features

Treatment time: 90 minutes €135

Grape seed full body peeling massage “Tingling freshness”

Ground grape seeds, mixed with a recipe of the finest natural SanVino raw materials. Your skin is refined and cared for in the most natural way.

The massage strokes allow you to relax deeply.

Treatment time 25 minutes €50

San Vino - body anointing

A body peeling, a body wrap made from grape seed oil and shea butter. The anointing is applied using a special massage technique and relaxes the muscles. An energetic head and neck massage rounds off the program for your well-being.

Pampering time: 60 minutes €90


San Vino - grape seed oil massage

This relaxing body massage with warm grape seed oil gives you new energy and strength. Warm grape seed bags loosen and relax the muscles during the massage. The crowning glory is the revitalizing energy head massage for maximum well-being.

Full body: pampering time: 60 minutes €95

Back and head: pampering time 30 minutes €55



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