Room breakfast

Room breakfast


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    We look forward to spoiling you and bringing your breakfast to your room.
    The room breakfast surcharge is calculated at € 10,50 per person.
    Please tick your favorite breakfast with the desired number.

    Choose one of our three room breakfast options:

    Sweet breakfast

    With jam, honey, chocolate spread, Bircher muesli, fruit, croissant, bread rolls and butter

    Hearty breakfast

    Sausage & cheese, a boiled egg, fruit, cucumber & tomato, bread rolls and butter

    Vital breakfast

    Granola, milk, yogurt, fruit, tomato & cucumber, vegetarian spread, cream cheese, bread rolls and butter

    Our Ronnefeld tea selection:

    morning dew

    Camomille Tea


    Green tea

    Roibush vanilla

    Earl Gray

    Fruit tea

    peppermint tea


    English Breakfast

    herbal tea

    Other drinks:

    coffee jug

    Jug of coffee decaffeinated

    Chocolate hot

    Chocolate cold

    Milk hot

    Milk cold

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