Winter delicacies


We look forward to giving you an enjoyable time.

Have you already chosen an aperitif?

We look forward to giving you an enjoyable time.

Have you already chosen an aperitif?

We recommend as an aperitif

"Sprizz de Cassis"

Cassis, rosé wine and berries

8,00 €

Village Lemonade

alcohol-free & refreshing, according to our recipe:

"Summer lemonade"

Passion fruit with ginger, mineral water, splashes of lemon juice, fresh oranges and lemons 

5,40 €

"Hubertus Lemonade"

Cassis with lemon juice, mineral water, fresh lemons and mint

5,40 €
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Fresh and crisp

Side dish of spring-like leaf salads with village dressing, grains, sprouts and crusts

5,50 €


Crispy buffalo mozzarella, small

10,50 €

Crispy buffalo mozzarella, large

15,50 €

Spicy chili beef fillet strips, small

11,50 €

Spicy chilli beef fillet strips, large

16,50 €

Rosemary garlic shrimp, small

12,50 €

Rosemary garlic shrimp, grpß

19,50 €



Orient at the lake

Baked Falafel | Saffron Moghrabieh | Lemon Date Ragout | Soy mint yoghurt | pomegranate seeds | Pistachio Crumble

9,50 €

Yes the trout...

Marinated salmon trout fillet | Frankfurt herbal gel | black bread bar | Shallot Kumquat Chutney | Castelfranco salad

12,50 €



“Power Brew”

Black-feather chicken consommé | Cheese dumplings | root vegetable

7,50 €



The spring comes…

Asparagus cream cheese ravioli | Oat milk foam | Asparagus cassoulet | Figs | Pine Nuts

17,50 €

Sardinian seduction

Fregola Sarda | Wild Broccoli | Truffle Burrata | King Oyster Mushrooms | paprika foam

18,50 €



Still crispy?

Danube zander fillet | Potato Crust | Edamame puree | Kaffir Foam | Lemon Pepper Pearls

24,00 €

"The Fleet Lotte"

Monkfish Medallion | Shrimp stew | crustacean gnawing | Red chard | Piedmontese risotto

26,50 €



grin cheeks

Braised Iberico cheeks | wheat beer jus | Wild garlic mashed potatoes | Carree turnips

23,50 €

Our classic

Baked veal escalope “Viennese style” | Potato cucumber salad | cranberry jam

25,50 €

Lamb in a coat

Herbed saddle of lamb | Tramezzini coat | two kinds of sweet potatoes | black garlic

28,50 €


Our village classics

200g Allgäu onion roast beef

Asparagus from Farmer Becker | New Potatoes | hollandaise sauce

32,50 €

220g pink roasted veal fillet

Asparagus from Farmer Becker | New Potatoes | hollandaise sauce

35,50 €



Sweet moment

A little sweet temptation with a cup of fragrant espresso 

6,50 €

Sweet soup

Honeydew melon gazpacho | Wild Strawberry Ice Cream | yoghurt foam | Almond Brittle Chip

8,00 €

forest carrots

Carrot Slices | Cheesecake Mousse | Wildberry Ice Cream | Tahitian vanilla crumble

9,00 €

crispy ball

Filled Chocolate Sphere | sparkling raspberry ice cream | crispy flakes | salt caramel sauce

11,00 €

Finally the best ...

Raw milk cheese selection from the Franconian affineur Waltmann | Ticino fig mustard | black walnuts | Bread with fruits

14,50 €


Hot on ice

Exclusively for you, our in-house and seasonal sorbets and ice cream compositions for the winter time. Served with different berries and a lot of love:

"The Creamy"

Mountain milk yoghurt ice cream | Salted butter caramel ice cream | Valrhona chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces | Ice cream from Madagascar vanilla

€ 3,50 per ball

"The Fruity"

Vineyard peach sorbet | Williams Christ sorbet | Purple fig sorbet | Mojito sorbet

€ 3,50 per ball


All dishes can contain traces of nuts. Please inform us in good time about food allergies. 


We are looking forward to your contact!

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