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The day at the lake

Focus on the essentials
We ensure a carefree working atmosphere in our village. Whether in the convention center, the log cabin, the boathouse on the island or the fishermen's castle, here you will find the source of inspiration.

Our food

With our "humane" nutrition, we stand for a healthy village kitchen. For us that means much more than just freshness and quality. "Humane" means that we use foods that our immune system has known and tolerated for many tens of thousands of years. As far as possible we do without additives, sugar and modern cereals. They gain full power and concentration with pure enjoyment of food and a little physical exercise.

Outdoor events

...are important for physical exercise and for cohesion.
The possibilities are "almost limitless", around, on or on the lake.
Play curling on the orchard, start an adventure hike around the lake with milk cow or horseshoe throw or spent you in the Seerafting in large Canadians.

You can get it only here!

magine a balmy summer evening. After a hard day with the group, they go to our island, enjoy a sundowner, go out to sea for a regatta and then experience a Spirit of Ibiza on the beach.
In addition, culinary delights, cool drinks and sounds of Café del Mar.

What a conference life!!

We put together your perfect conference package - trust us.

Good "sea air",
Exceptional rooms
Delicious food and
Nice people


We are looking forward to your contact!

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